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Crybaby Rush
The Personal Responsibility Of The Rich And Famous

One thing you can be sure of is that when the rich and famous talk about personal responsibility, they are talking about somebody else. More often than not, someone poorer, someone darker.

Rush Limbaugh's idea of personal responsibility, when it comes to his recently admitted drug addiction, is to blame everybody but himself.

Limbaugh blames the pain for the addiction itself.

Limbaugh takes credit for putting himself into rehab and assumes the attitude that this pretty much closes the issue. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that he decided to go into rehab right after his drug addiction became public knowledge and he became the target of a criminal investigation.

Limbaugh complains about politically motivated conspiracies and law enforcement fishing expeditions. Limbaugh laughed when Clinton spoke about a "vast right wing conspiracy." Who's laughing now?

Limbaugh continues to assure his audience that he has always been honest with it. Really? I don't think so. I think Limbaugh is giving his audience the same half truths and misinformation that he wraps his political "commentary" in. Limbaugh has made a huge fortune by cultivating a large following of listeners who are easily misled because they don't bother to think for themselves, so it should come as no surprise that he does the same when it comes to his own misbehavior.

Limbaugh's "admission" of his addiction is really no admission at all (everybody pretty much knew about it by that time). The word "addiction" is just a label. In this case, it's a label to cover over the details.

If Limbaugh wants to be honest, he can start by talking about the addiction, the way that they do in places like AA. He can tell us how many pills he took, how often, how he got them, and what kind of stupid things they made him do. He can tell us how this affected his personal relations, his judgment, his health, because we know that a person addicted is a person possessed.

Instead, Limbaugh merely uses the label addicted, which has become a meaningless, sterile word in his vocabulary. He always surrounds it with words like "prescription," "legitimate treatment," "pain" and the like. This is not to take personal responsiblity for his addiction, but to deflect personal responsibility and public inquiry.

Poor, poor crybaby Rush.

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